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How Not to Ruin Your Gadgets on the Beach this Summer

Protect your gadgets on the beach

 Photo Credit: Teresa Boardman

Ah summer.

Time to kick back and enjoy the sand, sea and sunshine...

Wait a minute - those things all sound like electronic gadget hell. White sand scratching your iPhone? Sun glaring down on your tablet? Sticky saltwater fingers on your touchscreen? Oh the horror! That’s exactly what you would be saying if you weren’t a streetwise, screen-protecting, expertly-shielding kind of person - which I hope you are by now.

Let’s run through all the things that can go devastatingly wrong for your electronics on your seemingly innocent trip to the beach (and how you can avoid them).

Sand all up in your Grill like a Tusken Raider?

Summer may be a giggle, but nobody’s laughing when a trip to the seaside ends in scratches for your invaluable electronic bestfriend. Sand particles sticking around like they own the place? Have you ever seen what happens when you drop an iPad on the sand? It doesn’t bear thinking about. It can take weeks, if not years of therapy to recover from something like that, not to mention hours of meticulous cleaning. And if it gets a scratch, heaven forbid, then your device will never quite look the same again...

Fortunately, you were smart enough to keep your screen protected with an Expert Shield, right? That’ll show sand who's the boss around here. Now that your screen is safe, you may also be worried about sand getting up in your nooks and crannies. Here’s another expert tip from Expert Shield: use packaging tape to cover over those ports as well as a protector on the screen and your device should be 100% sandproof. Marvelous.

Glare here, Glare there...

Sunlight, bah - who needs it? Get me back in my cave, at least that’s what I’m thinking when I’m trying to spend some quality time with my SO (significant object) and there’s glare all over my screen. Thank goodness that Expert Shield offers anti-glare technology which means you can watch videos of cats falling over whatever the weather. Maybe going outside isn’t such a bad idea afterall...

For additional overkill on the glare front, grab a baseball cap and, here comes the wizardry, instead of putting it on your head, put it on your device. Not only will you and your electronic be the coolest lolcats on the beach, but glare will be totally and overly vanquished.

It’s also worth considering which type of device to bring to the beach in the first place, since gadgets like the  kindle come with a handy dandy E-ink screen which isn’t backlit and doesn’t produce any glare whatsoever. Don’t get taken by this sweet feature and go yolo with your kindle, it still needs a screen protector to prevent sand scratches.

Making Waves

There’s not a screen-protector on the planet that’s completely waterproof, but as we’re super generous people we’ll give away a cheeky hint on this one, completely free-of-charge.

What if I told you that there was a low-cost way of waterproofing your electronics this summer? Lies you say? Two words: ziploc bags. Ah the wonders of modern technology. No, it won’t protect you from scratches, but the tried and tested plastic baggy is 100% waterproof. Bet you didn’t know that you can use your touchscreen through a thin-layer of plastic? Magical! A small hole may be needed for headphones though, and watch it because this is where the trouble will start if any is headed your way. Better get back up in the form of a screen-protector too.

We miss any tips for beach-proofing your gadget this summer? Sharing is caring, so let us know in the comment section.


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