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How Sand Can Mess Up Your iPhone's Screen

These days, nearly all smartphone screens are made from scratch-resistant glass, but guess what? Sometimes you’ll still see some fine scratches criss-crossing over your screen and it’s because of sand.

iphone 5s screen protector  

So you’ve pocketed a swanky new smartphone and you’re super smug because it’s got some awesome scratch resistant surface or, of course, the supposedly indestructible sapphire screen. After a few weeks of that phone jangling around in your pocket you whip it out the show off to the world and there’s a bunch of light scratches all over the screen. It must be your keys? Nope. The change you threw in there? Guess again. Those scratches are all because of sand.


How do you know it’s sand that’s scratching my screen?


Some XDA Developer did a load of experiments with various Spigen screen protectors, which are made from tempered glass (pretty similar stuff to the Gorilla Glass used by many modern smartphones) to see what was causing those pesky scratches. They scraped keys across it, rubbed coins on the screen, and got sand all over the place. Most of the scratchy materials they tried out actually didn’t leave any marks at all - except the sand that is.


What can I do about sand scratches!?


Sand gets everywhere, all it takes is one trip to the beach and there’s sand in your shoes, pockets and car for the rest of ever. It’s that gritty, gristly sand that can potentially tash up your iPhone. What does this mean? It means that screen protectors are still essential to keeping your phone in mint condition.


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