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The Big Screen Protector Dust Up (and Off)

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Oh the irony. No matter the technological wizardry that went into designing your tablet, or the heaped mountains of cash that paid for your new phone, the entire user-experience can become a mind-numbing, pants-wetting exercise in frustration due to that one seemingly insignificant speck of dust. You know the one I mean. Just look at how smug he is. Must be time for a new tablet right? 

Wrong! Some screen protectors attract dust over time, and cheaper models even let dust get in between the protector and the screen. But with Expert Shield, the best screen protector in the world, the only way that dust is going to get in between you and your precious screen is if you didn’t read our super awesome guide and apply it properly in the first place, and you would never do that, right?

Oh I see… 

Looks like we’re going to need a microfiber cloth, like the one that comes with every order of an Expert Shield, and some two-sided tape.

Wipe me up, Wipe me down

Let’s start with the dust on top of the screen protector. Take that microfiber cloth and give the outer part of your screen protector a good long rub. It might be a good idea to shine a light over the screen protector, so that you can see if any tiny particles have escaped the clean. Did we also mention that the best place to do this is somewhere with a bit of moisture in the air? In front of a boiling kettle, in a steamy bathroom or deep in the Amazon rainforest are all excellent places to get a dust-free screen.

Biting the Dust in Style

Now that the outside is dust free, hold onto your double-sided tape, as we’re going under. Start with the corner closest to the offending dust particles, and slowly peel it back. Never use a fingernail, or anything sharp, to peel back your protector - that’s a sure-fire way to a bend or a kink in your protector, and nobody wants that. Instead use that bit of sticky tape I mentioned earlier, securely fasten it to your target corner, and peel it back that way. No damage, no worries. Now with your freehand, dab at the dust with another bit of that two-sided tape.

Remember to check both the underside of the screen protector and the screen of the device itself for offending particles, as you never know where they might be lurking...

The Perfect Finish

Slide the screen protector back into place and admire your now totally dust-free device. Almost brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it? Looks as good as new every single time!

Of course, if you’ve really gone and got the thing super mucky, it might be screen protector bathtime. If only someone would go and write an easy to follow step by step guide, like this one… Aren’t we just the greatest screen protector company in the world? But then, you already knew that.

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