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Why Use a Screen Protector Part 1: Gorilla Glass Just Isn't Enough

I know what you're going to say: most electronic devices have Gorilla Glass these days, so what's the point of getting a screen protector?

Well, let me tell you: whilst Gorilla Glass and whatever fancy thing that Apple are using (they don't release their scratch-resistant secrets to the public) are able stop pesky, everyday scratches on today's devices, they don't have anything on screen protescreen protectorctors.

Oh, really? Actually, yes. Screen protectors offer much more than just standard scratch-resistance. Don't believe me? How about this:


Shiny glass and the sun result in a terrible glare that makes your device hard to see in the sun. Gorilla glass is no different from any other shiny glass, meaning that glare is just as bad. Using a screen protector gives your mobile phone, camera or tablet a matte feel, which cuts down LCD screen glare and improves screen visibility. It's super important not to be squinting at your device and straining your eyes – that's bad for your vision!

Anti-Finger Prints

Phones, cameras and tablets always look snazzy when you first open the box, but we all know that actually touching them is a fingerprinting nightmare. I mean, you can wipe your device with a cloth every few seconds if you want, but wouldn't it be easier to just hook on a screen protector? Screen protectors are made with a lipophobic coating that repels skin oils and stops fingerprints and smudges covering your screen. In this touch screen day and age, it's essential.

All Over Protection

So your screen is going to be scratch-free, but did you think about all the other surfaces on your device? Look at iPods, their metal backing may be beautiful but that is certainly not a scratch-resistant surface. Many screen protectors can cover both the back and front of your device without the added bulk of a standard case.

Really Anti-Scratch

Gorilla Glass may be scratch-resistant to an extent, but it isn't magic. Throw your phone in your pocket with your keys or accidentally drop your tablet, and that screen isn't going to be completely clear. Use a screen protector to keep your device extra safe.

Old Gadgets

Got a retro device? Any devices from 2011 or earlier were made before the days of Gorilla Glass and are therefore completely vulnerable to scratches, grime, fingerprints and nasty glare. If you've got an old, used, or refurbished device, then protect that screen properly.

Probably you should just save yourself time and buy an Expert Shield now. Not convinced? Wait until you read 'Why Use a Screen Protector Part 2.'

Tell us in the comments if a screen protector's ever saved your bacon?

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