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Expert Shield Panasonic Lumix TZ40 Screen Protector

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Your Expert Shield...

  • Lasts longer than any other screen protector - Guaranteed!
  • Shields your screen from scratches
  • Pre-cut to the exact dimensions of your screen
  • No Air Bubbles
  • No messy glue, no nasty residue
  • Straightforward installation
  • Completely washable and reusable

We're a little bit different

Love to travel? Love photography? The Panasonic TZ40 is the Michael Palin of high- spec compact cameras. So you’ll want to keep it looking lovely and box-fresh, for the lifetime of the device.

You have two options: simply leave your TZ40 in the box or, for the price of Chesney Hawkes’s Greatest Hits CD, you can protect your Panasonic TZ40 forever with a screen protector from Expert Shield. We know which we’d rather have. Sorry, Ches: Expert Shield are the one and only.


We believe that you shouldn’t have to buy a new screen protector every few weeks. In fact, we think you should only ever have to buy one. One that lasts; doesn’t peel at the edges and if you do ever need to remove it, leaves no residue – at all.

Top tip; to remove a screen protector simply affix some good quality sticky tape on one corner, to gently lift it off the screen.

Easy as pie.

Dread fitting screen protectors? You’ve been doing it wrong. With the special silicone gel layer and uber helpful instructions, you’ll have it fitted bubble free in minutes. In the unlikely event everything goes south? No worries, drop us an email/call/carrier pigeon – it’s guaranteed. We’ll look after you.

So what else?

Did we mention about the level of protection? No..? Check out the diagram above, and you’ll see your Expert Shield is made up of 3 layers. Fusing these layers together by the way is inherently difficult. It’s why cheaper protectors are usually thicker (meaning they catch and peel off easily), softer and less optically clear. But we’ll get to that…

The first layer absorbs those lighter scratches, keeping the screen looking perfect for longer. The middle layer is the hard mask, this stops deeper cuts. The final gel layer, makes chasing any bubbles out almost therapeutic.

Clear as day.

You’ll not find a more optically clear screen protector available. Yes, it’s a bold statement. But if you can notice a difference in clarity once fitted, send it back. Did we mention our guarantee?

All rather spiffing, but why so expensive?

We’re not for everyone, if you want cheap – or to be treated like a number, look elsewhere.

The Expert Shield Lumix TZ40 screen protector will last longer than any other. If it doesn’t, or if it gets scratched, or if it looks a bit tired, gets tetchy or starts hogging the TV remote, send it back. We’ll get you a lovely new one right away.

So what are you waiting for? Buy today.

Here's what our customers are saying about us...

bubbles/specks of dust(Posted on 07/01/2015)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
Ater instructions from Lynn,i washed the protector.and tried again.
I was amazed how easy it was to get a perfect fit and free from bubble and specks of dirt.
Very happy with finished product!
Will buy again..and thanks for your prompt customer care.
easy to not rush procedure...(Posted on 07/01/2015)
  • Overall Value
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Ease of Application
happy with dimensions..slightly longer in width.(.micron)..but very happy.
Tried a few times..was rushing the procedure..and unfortunately there were some dust specks and bubbles.Ive left it on the lcd screen ..until i send for another one
As i said..its my fault. i shall order another one in a few days time and take my time.

Thank you
Review by carlos la hire
Nikon V1 - Expert Shield(Posted on 03/07/2014)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
01 July 2014 I could not find a screen protector for the Nikon V1 on the ExpertShield website, so I contacted them via the form.
02 July During a very helpful email discussion, Becca Keenan @ ExpertShield advised that the dimensions (49mm by 69mm I measured on the Nikon V1) matched the shield designed to fit the Panasonic Lumix TZ40. So I ordered the Panasonic Lumix TZ40 screen protector.
03 July 2014 - Screen arrived at 11:30; fitted by 11:40.
Excellent fit, very slightly oversize (by 0.5mm), which is better than being too small.
Very happy.
Thank you.
Review by John Precious
Perfect(Posted on 09/12/2013)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
This was just perfect. The protector arrived when they said it would, it was the correct size and was the easiest screen protector I have ever fitted, and I can't believe I've done it without any bubbles - a first for me other than the glass protectors I use on my SLR's. Easier than the one on my phone and easier than the one on my tablet. I haven't rated the scratch resistance over three stars as I haven't tried it yet.
Review by Steve
Great Product(Posted on 25/11/2013)
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
I would just like to say this is one of the best products I have ever purchased on line. I have used screen protectors before but not one has been as easy to apply as the Expert Shield. I fitted this in under a minute no bubbles no effort. just a great product.
Review by Allan Slipper
Good Product, Good Value, Follow Instructions!(Posted on 24/11/2013)
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
I ordered this shield for my new camera because I wanted to protect the touch screen. I have been using the camera and the shield for about 6 weeks now and I think it is a great product. I had some trouble initially installing the shield because I got dust underneath it (between the camera screen and the sticky part of the shield), but I followed the instructions to remove the bubbles and now I am very pleased with the product. My initial issues did cause me to bend the shield slightly and now there is a corner of the shield that is visible, but, as I said this is due to my installation issues, not the product. Just a heads up to other customers to make sure no dust gets in!
Review by Janice
Just the job!(Posted on 01/11/2013)
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
Ordered and delivered within 3 days. Very easy to fit 1st time and with no bubbles (two tiny ones were easy to clear). Fit to screen area is almost perfect and the appearance is excellent with the screen switched on, also, the swipe action is still perfect. Only 4 stars for scratch resistance as it is too early to tell! All in all an excellent buy along with the guarantee.
Review by Chris
Expert Shield Panasonic TZ40(Posted on 01/11/2013)
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
Arrived quickly, well packed, fitted very well, no bubbles and luckily no dust, hopefully it will last the life of the camera.
Review by Peter
Brilliant item(Posted on 30/10/2013)
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
I have only just bought my camera and from past experience I know that touch screens get easily scratch.
This screen protector fits perfectly and if you follow the instructions on the pack it will be bubble free.
The screen protector is invisible once fitted but it is good to know it is there protecting the touch screen.
Item arrived the following day.
A brilliant item and I will buy again without hesitation
Review by Geoff Beckett
Fantastic product and service(Posted on 27/10/2013)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
I messed up the application of the product and when I explained this to the supplier they sent me a replacement part and some hints and tips on applying the screen protector. With these instructions it was a breeze and the end result was brilliant.

I would strongly recommend this screen protector because of the quality of the product and superb service from Expert Shield.
Review by David Cross

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  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value

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