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FujiFilm X-M1 Anti-Glare Expert Shield

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Your Expert Shield...

  • Will last longer than any other screen protector - Guaranteed!
  • It's pre-cut to the exact dimensions of your screen
  • This Expert Shield measures 68mm by 44mm
  • We allow a small margin for error when fitting
  • No Air Bubbles
  • No messy glue, no nasty residue
  • Straightforward installation
  • Works perfectly with touch screens
  • Completely washable and reusable

We're a little bit different

Galaxy’s Camera broke new ground. Was it a phone? Was it a camera? Was it part-laptop? Was it the smartest camera ever? Could it really dance the lambada in a catsuit?

People loved the Camera. They wanted to sniff it, cuddle it, whisper sweet nothings. They loved the Androidy compactness, the 3G-ness, the full-sized screen and the amazing 21x optical zoom.

Second album

So is Camera 2 the difficult second album? Well, at 20g lighter, it’s been on a no-carbs diet, while the case is more rounded. It’s also still so zoomtastic that you can get a decent shot of Sydney Opera House from Grimsby fish dock.

The 1.4GHz quad-core processor is now a 1.6 and the RAM is now a whopping 2GB. Best of all, the battery is 20% bigger and there’s around 3GB of storage for your photos and apps.

All well and good. But, at £400, you’ll probably want to protect your Camera 2 from scratches, bubbles, deep cuts and wolverines.

Noble quest

Our Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 screen protector does just that, with three layers of Japanese Optical Grade CrystalFilm™, a mystical substance that was once the subject of a noble quest by Samurai warriors.

Your Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 screen protector is the longest-lasting on the market and we back it all up with a LIFETIME guarantee. Installation is easy, too: this is fit and forget, not fit and fidget.

Buy today and wash your mind of doubt.

Here's what our customers are saying about us...

Good product (Posted on 16/09/2015)
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
Used the website to order my first screen protector . Price was better than ebay . Quick delivery . Good anti glare screen at night ,easy to fit . I have not tested the shield in day light yet when sunny . Hopefully it will be easy to use my camera screen when sunny
Review by Ash
Excellent product(Posted on 13/10/2014)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
This works very well with the X-M 1, particularly if you use the the camera's sunlight mode button. After sales is excellent.
Review by Morris

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  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value

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