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Tips and tricks on how to fit your Expertshield:


What you'll need:


- 1 x Expertshield Screen Protector
- 1 x Expertshield lint-free cleaning cloth
- Some good quality stick tape
- Maybe a bit of water, or just your breath (for the screen)

Firstly try and get yourself in a reasonably dust free environment - the less movement around you the better. If you can it may be a good idea to use a steamy atmosphere as the moisture in the air will help settle any dust. Open the packaging and pull out the lint free cloth that comes free with your Expertshield to wipe the screen of your device free of any dust or grease. Make sure you've got it all off as the tiniest speck can leave an undesirable finish. You may want to dampen the screen slightly, either by wetting it or simply breathing on it to help get all the dust off.

Once your screen is speckless, peel off the 'step 1' side of your Expertshield and discard this protective layer. This will leave the freshly exposed silicone gel layer, make sure you hold this facing down to avoid any dust. Carefully align the screen protector gel side down with one edge of your device screen making sure not to touch the silicone gel layer with your fingers. Once the Expertshield is aligned perfectly with one edge of your device screen (just peel off and start again if you get it wrong) begin to lay the rest of the screen protector chasing out any air bubbles with your fingers or a credit card as you go. If you get any bits of dust trapped as you apply the protector, just lift it up a little and use the sticky tap to lift the dust off the underside of your screen protector.

Then once the screen protector is correctly aligned with the screen and is completely affixed (no more air bubbles visible) you can carefully peel off the 'step 2' layer that protects the top of your screen protector. Be careful that it only peels off the 'step 2' layer and doesn't peel off the newly fitted screen protector. Now you're done and you can admire the glass like finish!

You may find this installation video helpful:

Cleaning your Expertshield:


OK, so you may or may not have dropped your screen protector on the floor, or somehow got dust on it some other way. It's easily done, but don't worry - it's easy to clean too!


If there isn't too much dirt on the underside of your Expertshield the best way is to use some good quality sticky tape again. Lay the protector down on a surface, with the silicone gel (that's the side that would normally affix to the screen) side facing upwards. Get a piece of the tape, while holding the protector down firmly 'dab' the tape over the areas of dust to lift it off. Keep doing this until you've gotten all the bits off. Providing there's no grease on the silicone side of the protector it should be ready to apply to your device again.


If there is a lot of dust or grease on the bottom of your Expertshield, you may want to wash the protector. So, wet your protector a little bit and get a little bit of soap, gently lather this on the gel side of your protector and rinse thoroughly until you're sure there's no more grease or dust on the screen. Then lay this down gel side up to dry, once dry your screen protector should be ready to use again.





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