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Nikon D800 / D800E / D800S / D810 Anti-Glare Expert Shield - 2 Piece Set

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Your Expert Shield...

  • Will last longer than any other screen protector - Guaranteed!
  • It's pre-cut to the exact dimensions of your screen
  • This Expert Shield measures 66mm by 50mm
  • We allow a small margin for error when fitting
  • No Air Bubbles
  • No messy glue, no nasty residue
  • Straightforward installation
  • Works perfectly with touch screens
  • Completely washable and reusable

We're a little bit different

You’re new at this game, and that’s okay.  You weren’t sure how well you’d take to it, but you invested the big money anyway in your exceptional Nikon D800. It’s one of the heavyweight of cameras, the Mike Tyson of point and shoots.  But you’re no slouch yourself, and you’re ready to fight it out.  


With a 36.3 megapixel FX format and full HD broadcast quality video, this camera is an astounding investment.  This camera can be used not just for your traditional snapshots—you can make a movie with this thing.  With comprehensive high fidelity audio recording and playback control, the Nikon D800 is a Hollywood-quality piece that deserves Hollywood-quality protection.


This celebrity camera needs a bodyguard, a bouncer that can keep the scratches, bubbles, and dust at bay. Expert Shield is the perfect option, and adds anti-glare protection to an already impressive protective resume. 


Want a Nikon D800 anti-glare screen protector that is easy to install, completely washable and reusable, and backed by a lifetime warranty? You’ve got it with the Expert Shield.  The product comes to you pre-measured and pre-cut for easy installation, requiring no glue and therefore leaving no sticky residue.  You’ll find no air bubbles with this scratch-resistant film, and it works perfectly with touch screens. 


An added bonus—something every aspiring filmmaker can appreciate—is the anti-glare feature. No matter the light, you’ll be able to easily see your shots and the scratch protection means your screen will stay as beautifully intact as it was coming out of the box.  


Few things in life are guaranteed, but the Expert Shield is.  If, for some reason, your screen protector stops performing in the way that you think it should, let us know. We are here for you—our commitment is to our customers, every day.


So film on, you budding Scorcese.  Take that Nikon D800 out on the mean streets—look for those moments of true greatness that will transform you from You Tube user to Oscar winner.


And Expert Shield will be there for you, all along the way. Together, we’ll make it—if you order today.



(And, yes, of course we’ll be your date to the big awards ceremony. Thank you for asking!)

Here's what our customers are saying about us...

Excellent product (Posted on 02/02/2015)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
Pretty easy to fit, better to use your fingers to smooth things out as the ridges on the camera back prevent easy use of a bank card which worked well on a larger screen. Once fitted, lovely clear tone and colour, glare resistance seems good and much easier to clean than the bare screen or nikon protector.
Review by Keith burdett
Quick and excellent service(Posted on 15/09/2014)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
With a new camera I really want to protect the screens before I start to use it. Just a couple of days after the order I had them in my hans. One of them was unfortunatly turned the wrong way between the protections. An e-mail and after a few hours I had a reply and I was sent a new set and some extras aswell :) The shields are easy to apply but you have to be carefull with dust and to clean the displays before applying. The visibility is really good, even in sunshine and the protection is excellent compared to price.
Review by Frode Wendelbo
nice(Posted on 15/12/2013)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
nice screen. Putting it on the little information display wasn't so easy, because there is a difference of one millimeter compared left to right side. It would be practical to replace the first sticker to the opposite side. the screenprotector is also one millimeter to short on all sides.
On the main display it went like nothing to put the protector just right.
after all, my displays looks wonderfull end the colors look wonderfull. I am very pleased.
Review by ghysels

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  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application

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