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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8" Crystal Clear Expert Shield

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Your Expert Shield...

  • Will last longer than any other screen protector - Guaranteed!
  • It's pre-cut to the exact dimensions of your screen
  • This Expert Shield measures 206mm by 120mm
  • We allow a small margin for error when fitting
  • No Air Bubbles
  • No messy glue, no nasty residue
  • Straightforward installation
  • Works perfectly with touch screens
  • Completely washable and reusable

We're a little bit different

A bit like the Billy Goats Gruff or Goldilocks’ bears, the Galaxy Tab 3 comes in three sizes. The 8” sits in the middle of the range. But, at 10.1”, its older brother is probably the one that ate all the porridge. Or tossed the troll into the river.

But is the eight-inch Galaxy Tab 3 a fairytale? Well, there are plenty of pixies. Sorry, pixels. In fact, the display registers 1280 x 800 pixels, which means you can watch HD video. Design-wise, it’s narrower than the 7-incher and an After Eight mint wrapper slimmer. So it’s as good to handle as an iPad Mini. At 314g, it weighs less than some supermodels, too. Which is impressive.


The display is bright as a button and the screen size is fine for surfing, working, playing and watching videos of skateboarding ducks. The hardware’s super-slick, with a 1.5GHz processor with 1.5GB RAM. That’s not cutting-edge. In fact, it’s rather blunt. But it’s enough for most tablet apps.

There’s a 5MP camera, 11 hours’ battery and you can choose from 16GB or 32GB and enjoy 50GB of free Dropbox storage for two years.

Of course, the Tab 3 doesn’t come cheap. There are less expensive Pacific islands. Which is why a scratch would be about as welcome as a wet dog in a wedding-gown shop. Thankfully, you’ve got Expert Shield. We precision-cut and craft our Galaxy 3 screen protectors from Japanese Optical Grade CrystalFilm™, a material whose exact composition is protected by the Geneva Convention.

Lifetime guarantee

Your Tab 3 is protected from the world with three tough layers and fitting it requires only a steamy bathroom and a small blob of patience. There’s no glueor other gumption to worry about.

Backing it all up is our famous lifetime guarantee. If you break it, bend it or batter it, send it back. We have a never-ending supply of fully trained, willing replacements here at Expert Shield Towers.

FREE cloth

Order online and you’ll also receive a finest-quality, lint-free cleaning cloth – completely FREE of charge.

Order today or accept that you were wrong.

[Galaxy Tab 3 10.1"]

Here's what our customers are saying about us...

All good!(Posted on 14/04/2014)
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
First of all I purchased from this company on the recommendation from my son who found the company to be first rate in terms of communication, efficiency and product quality. Having now dealt with them myself I am in total agreement. I bought the shield for my new Galaxy 8" tablet. It arrived promptly with excellent instructions and advice. It was a bit fiddly and did take quite some time to apply I have to say but the end result is excellent - no bubbles and a perfect fit. I felt confident that had I encountered problems, this company would be a pleasure to deal with and would honour their guarantee. Recommend unreservedly.
Review by Maz
top product(Posted on 04/01/2014)
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
Purchased two of these for kids tab 3`s.these were realy easy to applie compared to cheaper protectors which you can never remove bubbles totaly.Just follow instructions supplied on package and with a little patience you get excellent results.All my devices with touch screens have expert sheild protecters 7 in all from phones to tablets,these do what it says on the tin protects device and look good mainly cos u`ve got to look closely to tell it got one on.
Delivery very quick and if you have any issues the company is extreemly helpfull in resolving any problems, I would not hesitate in recommending these products thanks again.
Review by paul
Good product(Posted on 03/01/2014)
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
Bought two of these both went on fiarly easy (following the instructions supplied)look realy good no air bubbles actually you`ve got to look realy close to see edges.I have used expert sheilds products before and have always been please with the service received thank you.
Review by Paul Mckimm

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  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value

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