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Sony A7R II Crystal Clear Expert Shield

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Your Expert Shield...

  • Lasts longer than any other screen protector - Guaranteed!
  • Pre-cut to the exact dimensions of your screen
  • No Air Bubbles
  • No messy glue, no nasty residue
  • Straightforward installation
  • Works perfectly with touch screens
  • Completely washable and reusable

We're a little bit different

It’s all very well having a screen protector on your brand new Sony A7R II , but if you’re not careful you’ll soon find yourself squinting to see your apps through the forest of scratches invading your screen. But why be careful? There’s no need with the Expert Shields’ impeccable resistance to even the most deceptively sharp objects: keys, coins and pens to mention a few. Of course we back this up with a no-scratch, no-bubble guarantee so you can be confident that you’ll always have a screen just like the day you bought it. But what makes Expert Shield so unbelievably amazing we hear you ask? Well, nice of you to say so (we’re very flattered) but basically it’s the meticulous combination of 3 key elements – a process which is inherently difficult to achieve. There’s our special silicone gel layer, this is what lets you apply your crisp, smooth protector with such relative ease – it simply clings to your device screen securely, without ever leaving a residue. At the heart of this technological marvel is the ultra hard mask, it’ll stop the deeper scratches dead in their tracks – the ones that would otherwise make a real mess of your screen had the Expert Shield not been there. Finally there’s the top layer which uses a durable plastic that absorbs the scratches and keeps your Expert Shield looking perfect for longer. So why not get your Expert Shield protection today? Be the envy of everyone else with your abnormally new-looking screen day in, day out.

Here's what our customers are saying about us...

Wouldn't use my device without one!(Posted on 11/11/2015)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
This is the second Sony A7-series full frame camera I've protected with Expert Shield. I prefer applying the Expert Shield using a hinge as described here I recommend this if your alignment skills are challenged, as mine are. It results in easy, perfect alignment.
I wouldn't use my Sony A7R II without an Expert Shield installed!
Review by Phil K
Great product(Posted on 30/09/2015)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
Just make sure to put on the ES in a moist environment, it helps get rid of static on the shield/camera while you're applying it and will prevent any dust from getting underneath. I was doing my installation outside in a moist environment but I still didn't succeed with my first installation. I managed to get 5 dust particles which I never succeeded in removing using sticky tape. However, Expert Shield was quick and sent me a replacement that went perfectly fine to install using the same procedure.
Review by Niklas
Great product for Sony A7rII(Posted on 22/09/2015)
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
  • Scratch Resistance
Great company to deal with, professional friendly service. Shield fits my A7rII perfectly. I can't see it, it basically disappears, which is how it should be.
Very pleased, thanks.

Review by Mark
Great screen protector and service(Posted on 25/08/2015)
  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application
Easily installed my screen protector. Ordered because it worked great on my old Canon 5D Mark 3. Great service! On that old camera I scratched the protector while installing the protector and they sent me a new one at no charge! Can't ask for more.
Review by Mark Hackmeier

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  • Scratch Resistance
  • Overall Value
  • Ease of Application

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